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Oh, this is awful. I just stupidly realized that the word in German meaning 'cod', which is kabeljau, which I've been using (completely randomly) for my (mostly nonexistent) writing and other such nonsense, as well as my title and my (codfisch), this whole recurring image of cod (which I've never eaten before, being vegetarian for so long, and never having any links in particular to fish except that strange childhood obsession with drawing a series of simplistic "Dreams of a Dead Fish" on whatever paper I could find, which were strange doodles of an upside down, X-eyed fish with 'dreams' above him and usually a plaque which stated 'fish' or something), which was based on the word kabeljau because I LIKED it and thought it was a wondrous word, in spelling and unusualness and pronouniation.... isn't pronounced how I initially thought it to be pronounced. Kah-bell-jau (hard j, like giraffe or Jack). Of course not. In German, a j is always very soft, not like a j at all but a y. Ja. Jungen. Jahre. Jedenfalls.

Kabeljau. Kabel-yow.

I am possibly so ridiculously depressed, not even the pleasure of writing that incredibly long, grammatically-incorrect run-on sentence above could erase the pain of mispronouncing such an amazing word.

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So what is it with saviour siblings? I knew what they were, mainly from My Sister's Keeper which my sister (of course) kept pushing upon me to read, but I didn't know there was an official term for it, or that people actually DID have children whose sole purpose on Earth is to provide bodily materials for a sick relative. In my opinion this is completely inhumane. A person should be born for themselves, not to be used. From one side, refusing to let your body be used like that--forfeiting activities which would be harmful not because they are worried about your own safety, but the safety of your sibling should YOU not be available for them, and allowing them to take tissues and bone marrow and organs and anything else--seems selfish, like you don't care enough about your sibling to be their "saviour". But it's much more selfish of them to expect you to give yourself up, give your body up, for them.

It's horribly cruel for me to say this, but if someone is going to die, if they have a diease that you cannot escape from, don't. If you have leukemia or cancer and there is no hope for you to live except by taking body parts from someone else for the rest of your life, then why are you trying so hard? You can't hold onto a life you've already lost.

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Why do people always insist upon pretending that things never happen when they do? No one ever drunkenly kiss someone and then actually talks about it afterward, it seems. It always has to be "we both know it happened, and we both know that the other knows, but let's just pretend like it didn't happen, okay?". It's getting old. Actual communication would be nice, thanks.

I mean, I would honestly like to know if I was your drunken mistake or not.

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the pleasure of being happy. It's fun, isn't it? I had not realized how actually doing unpleasant tasks before they need to be done, rather than dragging it out for days, even weeks, could actually be such an amazing feeling. In theory, of course, I knew that I should not "put off tomorrow what I could do today", but I never actually understood the significance. Because I just learned that, I am now able to do things I want to do this weekend.

My plans:
  • a spot of extravagance (clothes shopping!)
  • "Die Lustige Witze" [The Merry Widow] on Friday
  • "Anatevka" [Fiddler on the Roof] on Saturday

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Today is the first of May. It should almost feel like New Year's. There are all sorts of things to do in on the first day of a month.

Personally, I'm watching season 2 of Star Trek Voyager and writing a variety of essays: the Cold War; comparisons between Crime and Punishment and A Hero of Our Time, and socio-historical influences in theatre. What's utterly unfair is that it's sunny outside. I'd really like to be rollerblading.

Oh, me? I used to be Christophem, back on LJ and IJ. Logically, I should have been so on here as well, for continuity's sake, but somehow I instantly decided on "brr". I think it's from Gregory Maguire's third novel in the Wicked series... the name of the cowardly lion perhaps? It was so tantalizing to pick a name so short.



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