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2009-05-19 06:51 am
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Scotty and Spock

I don't suppose anyone has a good photo of the two of them together?

I'm writing a Scotty/Spock, and THAT is something I never thought I'd say.
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2009-05-18 07:37 pm
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Suddenly Star Trek is like The Hot Thing. Even--or should I say, especially--amongst people who have never even seen any of the other series. A vicious, arrogant part of me hates the people who think they can just swoop in and be "New Star Trek fans", the same people who dissed the other, equally brilliant series as being geeky. I wouldn't say I'm DS9's biggest fan, but dammit, at least I watched it before I formed that opinion! And Voyager is glorious, hands down. But apparently people care more about Bones and Kirk and Spock and Chekov more than Chakotay, Tom Paris, Tuvok, and the holographic doctor.

*sigh* This was not meant to be a bitchfest.

At least, because of all the new Trek fic which has been cropping up in the past week or so, I have had ample opportunities to use my variety of Voyager icons, especially the "Little Ship Big Secrets" one. Icon space is really going to be the reason why I eventually buy a DW account. I can't stand being limited to six.

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2009-05-17 02:39 am
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wretched Saturday

I.. may be totally in love with Kirk/McCoy. Which is sad, because I have this preconceived notion that I must be a Kirk/Spock shipper, or die, and also that the first time I watched Star Trek, the movie, I absolutely did not see Kirk/Bones whatsoever. Did not compute. And now that I've observed the material in a second go, I realized: Kirk and Bones were made for each other. Just like Kirk and Spock, yes, but in a much easier way.

Anyway, I'm somewhat too tired (it's three) to say anything else of value besides: if you were planning on going to see Angels and Demons, don't. I really wouldn't recommend it that highly. I won't say anything too spoilery right now, only this: they could have made something good, dammit, something which reflected positively on the Church, which, by the way, isn't *my* church, so I don't have any bias on that matter, except I don't like religion being mindlessly bashed and that's what Angels and Demons did. They could have ended on a positive, hopeful-for-the-future note that the Catholic Church had changed its ways, that there was going to be a bright future where religion and science could go hand-in-hand.... and they opted for the much more comfortable path of making the Church out to be manipulative, corrupt, self-serving, and backwards. And I. Hate. That. I may not sympathize with Christianity (owing mostly to the fact that I would be going to hell for any number of reasons), but the way they degraded  everything about the Church and the people who run it was spiteful. And sickening.

That's... all. :O I should have just titled this "A lot of educated angsting" and put it under a cut, but. It's still fit for the public, I think... name no names, that's me, and hope that I haven't spoiled too much.

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2009-05-09 09:04 pm
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Star Trek

Well, I went and saw the new Star Trek movie today with my sister. I think I'll write a longer review later, but I just wanted to say right now: it was brilliant. It was extremely visually stunning and quite unlike Voyager or the other series. Lots of action, lots of attractive characters (apparently that was a major source of grief for "real" Trekkies, but I think I've obsessed over Star Trek enough to call myself a real fan, and I thought this movie did the franchise justice, even if it did appeal to non-sci fi fans as well). I loved characters like Scotty and the Russian pilot (so cute!).

And... yes. That's that.

[through translation]
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Me: I would like apple juice..... apple juice.

This was after my sister and I had a minor tiff regarding "Apfelsaft gespritzt", which is sort of like mineral water mixed with apple juice. It's vile, but she loves it, and I nearly ordered it by mistake.