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Sometimes, more often these days, I seriously contemplate the possibility that I may be going insane.

I don't think I'm quite compos menti.

This thought stems from the way I sometimes get hooked onto prayers or poems... and start chanting them in my head, or aloud if I can get away with it) and once I spent an entire 80-minute class period repeating the Lord's Prayer under my breath, staring at the floor and being quite disconnected.

The second instance is looking at the recent comments I've written. They are somewhat strange. :|

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So someone got me wondering just how many episodes of TV series I've watched so far this year. Can I make it to 500? I THINK I CAN! I could never resist a good challenge, even if that challenge may permanently make me into a laze.


I can be pretty useless sometimes... )
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So today my friend licked a sheep's heart.

Which he had previously been dissecting. Not a cooked heart. A dead heart.

It was... a unique experience to watch, and while he claims it didn't taste like anything except chemicals, as you can imagine he was rather ill afterward. Luckily, I've got it on video so I can watch it whenever I want!

If I could only find my connector cord..... D:

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Does it honestly bother people so much when authors make up their own nicknames for characters? I know it bothers me, but only if the nickname is bad, really bad. I got a nicely mean comment once for nicknaming Seamus Finnegan "Shay", which I can understand, because I didn't like it either. But for me, who has trouble looking at Seamus and not thinking "see-muss", having the nickname Shae (better spelling) isn't horrendous, and it's definitely understanding between good friends to shorten Seamus to Shae. But would it be better as an author just to suck it up and write "Sea", or give up the nickname idea altogether? I don't suppose I can make everyone happy.
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It definitely took me a while to get into the whole "TV show" business, but now... I have Torchwood, Merlin, Xena, Dr Who, and Star Trek firmly under my belt and I've just started watching Firefly, which I've always heard was good, something of a cross between cowboys and astronauts--a generally adventuresome show from what I could tell from the first episode. It isn't as deliciously gritty as Battlestar Galactica (the new series) but it doesn't seem as dismally... dismal. And I do love a battered, messy, steampunk-y spaceship, even if Serenity itself is outrageously ugly (that could just be my Star Trek mind speaking up though).

Regardless, see me in the fandom! And I think that the Wild West link will be very much helpful when I try to concievably fit a horse into a fan fic. Mal/Simon sex-on-a-horse!

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Well, I went and saw the new Star Trek movie today with my sister. I think I'll write a longer review later, but I just wanted to say right now: it was brilliant. It was extremely visually stunning and quite unlike Voyager or the other series. Lots of action, lots of attractive characters (apparently that was a major source of grief for "real" Trekkies, but I think I've obsessed over Star Trek enough to call myself a real fan, and I thought this movie did the franchise justice, even if it did appeal to non-sci fi fans as well). I loved characters like Scotty and the Russian pilot (so cute!).

And... yes. That's that.

[through translation]
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Me: I would like apple juice..... apple juice.

This was after my sister and I had a minor tiff regarding "Apfelsaft gespritzt", which is sort of like mineral water mixed with apple juice. It's vile, but she loves it, and I nearly ordered it by mistake.

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Wanted to quickly draw attention to [community profile] kabeljau, my fan fiction community. It doesn't have much yet, because in truth I haven't written much yet, but I'm adding each week, and that's where I'll post my summer project.

Formally introducing
Brr's Sex-on-a-Horse Saturdays!

Every Saturday in June, July, and August I will post a fic drawn from the prompt "sex on a horse". The fandoms aren't quite set in stone yet, but for sure these will be making an appearance:
  • Merlin
  • Harry Potter
  • Mädchen in Uniform
  • Xena
  • Star Trek (both Voyager and the 2009 movie)
  • Torchwood
  • Wuthering Heights
I myself won't actually be online this summer (I'm going to the Himalayas for a couple weeks, then for the next month I might have Internet, but it's not definite) but I'll set the fics on a self-timer. I'm excited to see where this goes!
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I am pleased to announce that May 9 is the day that the Vienna stock market crashed in 1874, which started the Long Depression worldwide (not to be confused with the Great Depression). Today is also the day that the Romans used to have a festival to exorcise ghosts of the dead from people's homes. According to Wikipedia, you must walk barefoot and throw black beans over your shoulder at night. Tricky business, exorcism.

There are two more performances to Die Lustige Witze--one on Tuesday and one on Sunday the 31st. I'll probably go on the 31st, because I'm seeing/hoping to see La Boheme on Monday. It's crazy: this month I'm planning on seeing eight different shows, ranging from famous operas (Lucia di Lammermoor) to Japanese puppet shows. And May is always the craziest, busiest, worst month, besides November.

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I don't believe it!

Public transport in Vienna is, as a general rule, absolutely brilliant. Except for when it isn't.

They had construction on part of the tracks, right, but I didn't know that, so I sat at the end station (home) and waited for twenty minutes before the tram arrived. Then we stop and change drivers...... twice. Then suddenly we go onto a different route. When I finally got to the right stop, I was seven minutes late and they apologized but wouldn't let me in.

D: I am so positively morose right now, I might melt.

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He came! Early! Now I may go!

This is all very exciting, mind you, seeing as I wasn't able to go see La Traviata at the Staatsoper [the State's Opera, I suppose], which is much more sophisticated than the Volksoper [the People's Opera], where I'm going tonight. Still, I love the Volksoper, and I pass it every day on the tram, so it's much more in my heart than the Staatsoper, which is in the center of the city.

In conclusion from that tangent, I wasn't able to see La Traviata on Tuesday because I had to wait at home to open the door for the electricians! And now I was afraid it was going to happen again. I should conspire to be at home less often, because it seems my primary purpose is to open doors for people.

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